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Ladies’ A win v Wychwood

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ A win v Wychwood

Published on 17th May, 2023

Ladies' A team had a great win in their match against Wychwood.  At half time they were 3 - 0 up with goals from Kim, Clare and Phoebe.  The half-time talk was summed up by captain Phoebe saying, "More of the same".

So they did and added 6 more goals in the second half.  Emily did a great Penalty Flick.  The other goals were by Clare (again). Kim (again), Rhi, Tiny (Claire) and Emmy.

It was a great team effort as can be seen by the range of nominations for Player of the Match: Kim, Rhi, Claire, Alicia and Carys but the winner was Emily who had an excellent game on the forward line.

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