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Welcome to Hawks@90

The plan to elevate our club, embrace our heritage and propel us into the future in a sustainable way. Explore our four key pillars, dive into the details and understand how to get involved below.

What is Hawks@90?

Hawks@90 is our plan to take our fabulous club to the next level, building on our amazing heritage to create a sustainable, inclusive and forward-looking club well positioned to drive hockey forwards in Oxfordshire and beyond.

The plan addresses 4 primary areas, Our Community, Our Home, Our Management and Our Future.


Our Community

Putting community at the heart of our sport, our club and our city

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Our Home

Enhancing and eventually replacing the clubhouse as a cornerstone of our club

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Running our club in a modern, forward-thinking and sustainable way

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A Team

Our Future

Nurturing Young People to be the sustainable heart of our community on and off the pitch

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Guiding Principles For Hawks@90


We will nurture talent from within to drive our performance squads to the top of English hockey.  We will put financial and environmental sustainability at the heart of our clubhouse plans.


Exactly like our sport, our club will continue to welcome everyone, of every level of ability and every background.  We will ensure that our clubhouse supports everyone’s social and sporting needs.


The foundation of hockey at every level should always be ‘for fun’ and we want to embody that in the work we need to do for our Hawks@90 plan.  We hope that we can all have fun as we evolve our club towards its 90th birthday!

For the good of hockey

We hope that as a player/supporter at Hawks you’ll know how much hockey can give – fun, fitness, friendship and more.  We want to ensure that everything we do within the Hawks@90 programme is for the good of this amazing sport, and can help other clubs around the country to put our sport at the top of everyone’s mind!

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Our Vision

When we turn 90 in four years’ time, our vision is to have cemented our position as the pre-eminent hockey club in the region, providing a community-focused, inclusive, modern and vibrant environment in which all are welcome to watch, enjoy and participate in hockey at all levels.

In doing so we aspire to be operating sustainably at National League level - feeding our 1st teams with home-grown talent nurtured from the community they represent.

This recognises the wider professionalism in the sport, and the unique position in which the sport sits - a truly accessible, inclusive, exciting and athletic sport played with respect for modern sporting values.

Why are we doing it?

Our club will be 90 in 2028, an amazing milestone we want to celebrate.  In the last 90 years, our sport has changed almost beyond recognition, and our club needs to evolve with it.  The Hawks@90 plan has been put in place to do just that!
To cement our club for its next 90 years, in readiness for turning 90 we must now proactively:
  • Recognise that our sport is becoming increasingly professional
  • The expectations of those playing is increasing
  • Be realistic about the demands of running a large sports club
  • Creating an increase sense of belonging to our club, including within the community it sits in
  • See our high standards reflecting in a clubhouse we can be proud of

We've all got to get involved

To make our vision for Hawks@90 happen we need your help, support, ideas and passion.

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