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Pitchside Advertising Banners

The banners that can be seen on the pitch perimeter fencing are another way that friends of Hawks and local businesses can support the Club. The banners are realistically priced and are a very effective way of promoting a business or organisation to the literally hundreds of visitors to BRN each week.

The arrangement for a banner is as follows:-


Advertising Banners are offered in two options – PREMIER and STANDARD – according to size


Size – 303cm x 152cm – Your banner will be displayed on one of the fences at the goal line ends of the near (principal) pitch where it will occupy a premium position and provide exceptional exposure for your business.


Banner size 200cm x 80cm – Your banner will be displayed on the far side of the near(principal) pitch readily visible across the pitch to those watching matches and providing a panoramic view



One Banner displayed for 12 months - First year - £500 then £400 per subsequent year


One Banner displayed for 12 months – First year - £350 then £300 per subsequent  year

For either option your banner will be produced:

  • In full colour
  • In weather resistant mesh material hemmed on all edges with eyelets
  • To your own specified artwork
  • Produced at Oxford Hawks cost (fully included in the rental fee)


Oxford Hawks will be responsible for maintaining your banner in reasonable condition subject to normal wear and tear during the currency of the term of display agreed AND

In addition you will also be invited to place a short written entry on our Sponsors’ page on the Club’s website at: https//

All the sponsor needs to do is provide to the Club:

01. Appropriate artwork for their banner in a printable format (pdf or similar).

02. Draft text for the Sponsors Page on this website.

We have around 700 playing members (men, ladies and juniors) plus supporters, including the many parents of the juniors. These all regularly attend BRN and visit the Club website. As well as attending BRN, players from opposition teams, umpires and other match officials also visit this website every week to check match and fixture details. Our pitches are also heavily let to third party users (hockey, soccer and other sports). We estimate that our pitches can generate footfall of around 500 ‘non-Hawks’ users every week through the winter season. The pitches are also in regular, although less intensive, use throughout the summer months.

If you would like any further information about the banners or can be persuaded to support the Club through a banner, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Neil Biggs at or Paddy Roche at We very much hope that you will feel able to support Hawks by taking up an advertising banner, and at the same time promote your organisation or business and have an association with one of Oxfordshire’s most successful amateur sport clubs.

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