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L7s & L8s lose out to Oxford

Season 2023-2024

L7s & L8s lose out to Oxford

Published on 06th Sep, 2023

Playing a friendly in the school holidays is always tricky.  By combining L7s and L8s we had the bare eleven.  Then one player fell ill so we were down to ten.  So, we were pleased that is was 0-0 at half time and we had some great attempts by our forwards at goal.

There was terrific defending by the backs, Gill and Sarah, and Niv in goal had an outstanding game. The halves, Phoebe and Immy were up and back running all the time. Kimberley, playing centre half, held the side together and distributed the ball beautifully. Shan had a great game as inner, often disrupting their passes and Hsu, the other inner, ran her socks off. Her work rate cannot be faulted. We only had two forwards and Ros did a great job of feeding the ball to Helen, but then Helen was often on her own. She had several great shots on goal, but none went in.

In the second half our lack of players began to tell (Oxford had lots of subs). Many thanks to Linda Billington who came on for us as a high forward (and then went on to play her own game in goal). Hsu pulled her hamstring and could barely walk towards the end. Then Helen collapsed and the supporters thought she might have been a stick to her throat. Fortunately, it turned out to be a blow below her collarbone. She played on, of course.

So, the final score was 3-0 to Oxford. Many thanks to everyone who played a heroic game. There were nominations for Player of the Match for Phoebe, Shan and Kim but the clear winner was Imogen. She had an excellent game demonstrating beautiful skills and always being in the right place.

Many thanks to Simon Aumonier for the excellent pictures

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