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Ladies’ 7s lose to Enigma

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s lose to Enigma

Published on 14th Apr, 2024

On a warm and sunny day Ladies’ 7s took on Enigma.  Jess and Sarah Rowe as forwards made a great job of attacking the circle.  Jacqui Barlow had an excellent game as centre forward and surprised Enigma with a couple of aerial passes for Jess and Sarah to run onto.  It was a pleasure to welcome Minnie (Melissa Stuart) for her first game with us and she had some lovely play as left inner.  Huei played right inner with great strength and passion and came back an helped the defence frequently.  Charlotte held the midfield well and distributed the ball beautifully.  Shan was great as right half with some lovely moves.  Kim was superb as left half running up with the play yet always back to mark her player.  Gill demonstrated great flexibility moving from left inner, to half and then to back during the game and was really appreciated by the defence.  Sarah Sanderson played a strong game and could always be found in amongst the thick of the attackers holding them off.  However, too often they overwhelmed us with their numbers of attackers and despite Lily’s excellent efforts we began to lose.

The score was 0-3 at half time and 0-6 at the whistle for full time.

It was a great team performance and there were nominations for player of the match for Charlotte, Lily, Huei and Sarah.  However the clear winner was Kim who had a terrific game and really put all her energy into the match.

Thanks to Tim Dabbs for taking the photos and to Yas Biggs and Charlie Baggs for umpiring.

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