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Club Trophies 2022/2023

Club Trophies 2022/2023

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Club Trophies

Each year the club awards trophies to individuals making outstanding contributions to the club, either as someone voted the best player in their team, or for contributions made off the pitch.

  • Trophies presented to individuals for the season 2022/23

  • Gokal Motiram (for outstanding contribution to the Club)

    Kara Kerr

  • Carl Lockyer award (for social contribution)

    Laura Burrowes and Jemima Spurr

  • Ladies' Club Player

    Kara Kerr

  • Ladies' Young Player

    Emily Watson

  • Ladies' Most Improved Player

    Trinity St John Cox

  • Men's Club Player

    Matt Northfield

  • Mens' Young player

    Harry Markham

  • Men's Most Improved Player

    Willo St John Cox

  • Ladies Trophies

  • Ladies' 1s

    Sally Clark & Emma Page

  • Ladies' 2s

    Rosie Spencer

  • Ladies' 3s

    Ebony Trudgeon

  • Ladies' 4s

    Romilly Middlemiss

  • Ladies' 5s

    Sherene Butler

  • Ladies' 6s

    Nynke Toussaint

  • Ladies' 7s

    Charlotte Vallis

  • Ladies' 8s

    Hannah Jones

  • Men’s Trophies

  • Men's 1s

    Harry Markham

  • Men's 2s

    Banraby Barber

  • Men's 3s

    Jack Smart

  • Men's 4s

    Dave Hibbert

  • Men's 5s

    Benji Torrance

  • Men's 6s

    Jed Rudaz

  • Men's 7s

    Mark Shirley

  • Falcons

    Andy Kaye

  • Girl’s Player of the Season

  • U12

    Bea Phillips

  • U14

    Flora Miller

  • U16

    Evie Fogden

  • U18

    Emily Watson

  • Most improved

  • U12

    Bebe Buckley-Sharp

  • U14

    Nina Bowden

  • U16

    Libby Lawman

  • U18

    Laura Hempleman

  • Boy’s Player of the Season

  • U12

    Sung-eui Hong

  • U14

    George Roper

  • U16

    Oscar Haynes

  • U18

    Arthur Baldock

  • Most Improved

  • U12

    Dylan Jones

  • U14

    Finn Heide

  • U16

    Leo Eleftheriadis

  • U18

    Luke Hooper

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