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Ladies’ 7s and 8s in great game

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s and 8s in great game

Published on 09th Sep, 2023

There was no friendly, so, in the morning heat, L7’s and L8 played on half a pitch.  The teams were also mixed up which is why there is no final score (we lost track!). We had a white team and a dark team, but as we were an odd number, we swopped players around. With a warm day, everyone played to an excellent level despite the conditions. Play started off fast-paced (well relatively) and everyone settled into the game. There were 10-minute quarters due to the heat which was a welcome change to the game. Thanks goes to the umpires, Rhi and Kirsten, for being flexible with the times and coaching at the same time, which was lovely!

The goals were scored by Liv 2, Helen 1, Anoushka 2. Ros 2 and Phoebe 1. It was great effort by everyone despite the heat. Player of the Match went to Phoebe winning overall, with nominations also for Niv, Helen, and Laura.

Thanks to Sophia for writing this match report.


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