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Ladies’ 6s see green in Northampton

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 6s see green in Northampton

Published on 12th Feb, 2023

After lots of pre match chat about the green sandy pitch, Hawks came out fighting. We had some good attacking runs from our forwards to start with but unfortunately Wootton pressed well and managed to get a penalty flick from which they scored their first goal. Hawks were not disheartened by this and defended tightly but an unlucky ball (possibly hit from outside the D?) managed to slip past scoring a second goal. However, some great hits up into our attacking D meant a short corner for us. With a right slip ball from Linda, Ella scored our first goal. This brought the goal score to 2-1 at the end of the first half while the green card score stood at Wootton 2 Hawks 0!

Lots of tension on the pitch between players and umpires (and some green cards) meant a half time chat was needed to try and cool everyone down. Although it is questionable how effective this was!

In the second half Wootton managed to score another two goals in quick succession. With things becoming a bit heated, both teams were issued warnings. Hawks continued to put the pressure on and received a short corner. The ball rebounded off the goalie, but Nynke was waiting and slipped it back into the goal. Feeling more optimistic we did well at playing the ball out wide resulting in some lovely runs up the line from Emily and her lovely green stick. Despite our half time chat, further green cards were brought out for both sides and saw us down to 10 players for the last 3 minutes. We fought well and in the last 20 seconds Hawks were awarded a short corner and then a second one. With the whistle blown for full time everyone came up to the D to help. A fantastic straight strike from Nynke to end, bringing the final goal score to 4-3 while the green card score ended up Wootton 3 Hawks 2.

Everyone played brilliantly and never gave up! POM was awarded to Cat.

Thanks to Susanne for taking the photos.

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