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Season 2022-2023


Published on 13th Feb, 2023

Milton Keynes, top of the league, made their first trek of the weekend to OX1. With potentially a tougher prospect tomorrow and their only thoughts were a procession at BRN. However, the mighty Ladies 5’s were not going to bend over so easily.

From the outset the defensive line looked strong. Purdy in goal providing an endless stream of fantastic saves Susan, Becky and Jane calmly gathering up the ball and distributing out to the mid field.  In the engine room Charlotte, as vocal as ever, was ensuring the press was in place and that we all kept to our positions (a well-deserved player of the match, POM) A close second for POM was Mary, tenacious as ever - transferring the ball across to Monica, Kate and Sherene. All were eager to put MK on the backfoot and looked dangerous in the middle of the pitch connecting well with the front line. W This included Rebecca, who was reading the game well sending lovely through balls to Lizzie and Holly in front of goal.

The reward for this determined effort and great team play resulted in an early goal. League positions seemed irrelevant at this point and MK were shaken. The 5’s continued to work hard and make it difficult for MK to hit their stride.

The Ladies 5 were magnificent!

Just for the record. MK scored a scuffed attempt on goal at the end of the first half and then struck 4 times in the space of 15 minutes in the second. The classic ‘game of two halves’ if only the points could be distributed as such!

Many thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the photos.  There are more on her website.

Karen Easterbrook

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