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Ladies’ 6s lose away at Aylesbury

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 6s lose away at Aylesbury

Published on 24th Sep, 2022

The ladies 6 started the new season with an away game in Aylesbury. We started with some good positions and pressure on the ball but an early runaway goal from the opposition dropped Hawks heads. A lot of opportunities and some penalty corners onto the Aylesbury keeper were well defended. Another goal from Aylesbury before half time left the score 2-0.

Confusion at the second half from the Hawks push back let another early goal through but Hawks pushed back with some great defence and attack from both sides. Libby and Ella made great runs up the wing, with Phil, Jan and Holly holding the defensive line strong. Daisy made a fantastic dive to save a goal and we kept the energy up to the last few minutes. Aylesbury slipped another in during the last two minutes.

Player of the match votes for Holly, Caitlin, Yaz, Libby and Romy, with the award going to Ella who offered the team ‘Chocolate or Vanilla cake?’ To which the response was a resounding “yes please!”.

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