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Wooton Wanderers win against L8s

Season 2022-2023

Wooton Wanderers win against L8s

Published on 24th Sep, 2022

Ladies' 8s started strongly with a great set up by Hannah slipping the ball to Laura who then tapped it in, scoring a goal in the first 10 minutes of the match.

However, the Wootton Wonders took this in their stride and scored a goal with a cracking shot by their centre forward into the corner of the goal.

A second goal was scored by Wootton via a short corner which was slipped in by a player on the post.

With a good pep talk ladies 8s returned to the second half and gave a great attack spending most of the time in the D. There were many opportunities created for shots on goal but unfortunately no goals were landed.

Overall, a great game of hockey with a final score of 2-1 well earned by Wooton Wonderers.

Nominations for player of the match included:


However our player of the match this week was Kim!

A big thank you to Simon Aumonier, Ros' dad, for the great photos.


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