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Ladies’ 4s lose at Wallingford

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 4s lose at Wallingford

Published on 09th Oct, 2022

Our game started strongly with lots of quick triangular passes around the Wallingford players despite the hot sun. After several minutes of continuous defence and rigorous efforts to get the ball out of our 23 we made a break forward with a ball flying up to Emily on the left wing. Emily took the ball down the pitch with the help of Lottie and got the ball into the D. We won a short off a foot.

Catherine took a straight strike from the top which rebounded off to Karen of the left post who slapped it into the goal behind the keeper. Feeling positive we kept our heads however after giving away a short, Wallingford converted it into a goal. At 1-1 we fought to gain the upper hand and came into half time tired after a lot of back and forth on the pitch.

Going into the second half we kept going and had many a good play up by the D and several shorts - which we were unfortunately unable to convert to goals. Our full backs - Becky and Clare - continued to outlet the ball efficiently to the half backs however we began to rapidly tire and stepped off the pace a bit, allowing Wallingford to step in front of us. Wallingford took their chance and scored their second goal. Still with excellent composure we fought to remain in the game with excellent tackles from our midfield and forwards to slow down their advances. Just as the final whistle was about to blow they won a short. They scored off the short despite our runners getting out quickly. The final score was 3-1 and player of the match was Lottie for her excellent consist distribution of the ball from midfield.

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