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Ladies’ 7s in close game with Witney

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s in close game with Witney

Published on 11th Nov, 2023

On a glorious sunny day, the frost just cleared from the pitch. We took to the field and observed a minute’s silence. Witney started very high speed and scored within the first five minutes before we had fully organised our defence. We regrouped and settled into a pattern having most success moving the ball up the wings.  They were very well organised and determined, perhaps edging us for speed and aggression, but we fought back strongly, Huei passed with great accuracy to Helen, who pirouetted elegantly to keep the ball under control, and cracked it across the D to Sarah , who pounced on it, and shot, just grazing the post wide. After another superb hit from a quick quickly taken sideline ball, a slight deflection from a Whitney stick, put the ball within reach of Helen, who raced towards goal, and with an incredible Tom Daly style swallow dive took on the keeper, and was just deprived a goal. Was the grazed elbow worth it? Maybe.

Flora and Anushka linked marvellously with forward line, Nina, Helen and Sarah Rowe. Sophie, Kim, Charlotte worked tirelessly in the midfield, Deborah, Gill and Sarah Sanderson valiantly soaked up pressure in the D. Emily made some superb saves and kept the score at a very respectable 0 -1, including one diving triple save to her left denying the Witney players their second goal.

There were nominations for Player of the Match: Sophie, Nina and Flora.  However, the winner was Emily who had a superb game in goal.

Many thanks to the umpires, Charlie Baggs and David Wells. Thanks also to Sophia for managing the subs and Krystina Reynolds (Flora and Phoebe’s mother) for taking the great photos.

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