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Ladies’ 4s lose but draw the 2nd half

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 4s lose but draw the 2nd half

Published on 11th Feb, 2023

It was a grey day when we played Marlow 3s but at least there was no rain or ice. The game started quickly when Marlow broke through a high defence in the first 5 minutes and scored. To make things worse, Marlow capitalised on a defensive error and scored their second goals 5 minutes later. Not to be put off, Flo broke through Marlow’s defence and slipped the forwards a lovely ball. However, the defence were too strong, and the ball hit the right post. In the following 10 minutes Hawks defended valiantly and Tehya did some amazing saves.  Hawks applied some great pressure and Libby hit a brilliant shot at goal.  The goalie dived and managed to deflect the ball off her head! With 5 minutes to go of the first half, Marlow had another attack at goal against the run of play and managed to score their third goal.

At half time, Becky gave a great talk to build our spirits up. We came back out on to the pitch with our heads held high. Wunmi , 2 minutes into the second half scored a goal from open play from a long corner.  A few minutes later, Wunmi had another chance, but it wasn’t to be.   What followed next was an amazing 12 short corners where Marlow persisted in trying to score their 4th goal.  Tehya and the defensive line continuously battled to prevent Marlow from scoring.  However, the ball slipped through, and Marlow got their goal.

It was an incredible defensive second half with some phenomenal breaks by both teams.  The consolation was that even though we lost the game we drew the second half.  Tehya deservedly was awarded Player of the Match.

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