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Ladies’ 2s win local derby

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 2s win local derby

Published on 04th Feb, 2023

Nerves kicked in for Hawks for this big local derby even as we stood on the side line waiting to get on pitch to warm up. But as the whistle went, we were slightly surprised at Oxford's initial half court press leaving us plenty of space at the back to comfortably transfer round. After a couple of lovely balls fed into the D from Laura at right half, it felt like a goal was coming. Finally, after about 20 minutes, Kathryn gave a lovely ball to Katie who breezed through the defence line and slipped it left of the keeper.

1-0 up gave us confidence but also caused Oxford to put more pressure on and start splitting the pitch more. But Hawks held out until half time.

Oxford came out with a lot more determination in the second half and more shots on goal but still couldn't get past Lydia. The game became feistier, and you could feel Oxford's frustration building, but Hawks came through with a spectacular team work goal. It came from a brilliant step through from Spenny intercepting an Oxford defence ball through to their midfield. Spenny then took on some players and got the ball through that Kathryn to finish off. 2-0 up and with not too long left, Hawks started to manage the game well by transferring round the back line with patience and holding onto the clean sheet. It paid off when, after a transfer through the midfield, space opened up for Rosie to carry the ball from right half into the middle of the pitch. Meanwhile, Kathryn saw this happening and made the lead of her life right in the distance which Rosie looked up and saw. After screaming 'Kathryn' to make sure she knew it was for her, Rosie slid the ball from outside the 25 to the right-hand base line for Kathryn to get one touch on it sending it round the goalie! A beautiful 3-0 finish with half pint shandies all round for the Ladies' 2s! #costofliving

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