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Ladies’ 5s make it 2 in  a row in a goalfest weekend!

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 5s make it 2 in  a row in a goalfest weekend!

Published on 04th Oct, 2023

Our second match of the weekend was against Oxford University 4s. Always a fast team with young legs, we knew we had to go out as we finished the second half the day before.

Unusually for the L5s we actually started the game awake and scored after 10 minutes thanks to Rebecca. This was shortly followed by goals from Heather and 2 from Milla. 4-0 up at half-time.

We stayed strong through the 2nd half with goals from Heather and Emily. And finally from Jill, who had avoided scoring the whole match but who really didn't want to buy Yaz a pint if that remained the case, scored on 67 minutes. And then just to prove a point stole the ball from the opposition at the restart and scored a second within 20 seconds. The last goal of the match came 1 minute later from Sherene.

Many goals and a clean sheet for a 9-0 victory. With so many goal scorers to choose from, it was surprising that joint PoM went to a full back and a half-back, Jane Homes & Emily Dawes.


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