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Exciting play in Ladies’ 5s and 6s

Season 2023-2024

Exciting play in Ladies’ 5s and 6s

Published on 04th Oct, 2023

On 30 September, Hawks 5s had a coveted match Vs Hawks 6s. With tensions running high, the match started with both teams giving everything. It was a shaky start to the first half with nerves getting the better of us, leading to a 1-1 score line at half time.

After an inspiring pep talk and the fire ignited in Hawks 5, the second half play was seamless. There was a quick succession of gleaming goals from Masha, Jill and Ella. In the last few minutes, Rebecca fired a goal in from the edge of the D. It was heroic.

Despite the score line ending 8-1 to Hawks 5s, the Hawks 6's put up an impressive fight. Shout out to Rabiya as PoM with some gleaning runs, and to Masha for scoring 5 goals (a glut apparently!). Well done all

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