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Ladies’ 5s bring it to Henley

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 5s bring it to Henley

Published on 28th Mar, 2023

It’s Hockey and that’s why we’re here.
The opposition we did not fear.

We had 15 plus our mentor Mark.
His tactics, keeping Henley in the dark.
With strict instructions across the pitch, like defender, narrow, but keep the width.

We started fast, determined to attack, created good chances and defended at the back .

From a short corner came our  only goal, Rebecca from the top when Char gave the call.

In defence, we were defiant, stayed strong and tall.
We battled hard and gave our all.
Man of the match to Suzie and Char but to my mind everyone’s a star.

Win together, lose together. We worked as a team.
Fighting for one another, our ongoing theme.

Purdy Stone

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