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Ladies’ 6s finish with a laugh!

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 6s finish with a laugh!

Published on 03rd Apr, 2023

Overnight downpours meant the top pitch should be in great condition, or would be once H had hoovered up all the catkins and worms, for the L6s last home game of the season. Safe in mid table, only Hawks pride was at stake. With Caroline leading the warmup and Yas succeeding to make Charlotte laugh, newcomer Nina was introduced to the ‘dozy dohing’ routine! Connections made were soon put to the test as Oxford started quickly and before Hawks could gain ground, despite some strong defending, Oxford were 3 goals up by halftime.

With words of ‘come meet the ball’, ‘transfers’, ‘aim for the corners’ and remember to ‘retain, regain and recycle’ ringing in Hawks’ ears - the knowledge that Hawks L6s have been a team of second half come-backs this season meant there was all to play for.

Hawks started the second half having strengthened the midfield with Eva playing deep and Yas high which meant that Oxford were finding it harder to attack down the middle of the pitch. With better connections made up on the right between Emily, Romi, Nina and on the left with Caroline, Jess, Caitlin and Milla, Hawks were able to penetrate the Oxford D on several occasions. Once again Caitlin’s body (this week her knee) took an end of stick knock forcing her to limp off the pitch - thank goodness we had subs for this return match! Both sides had their chances to score but stout defending at both ends saw a more even second half. With Billers back in the L6s goal, and Jan calling out for tight marking at the back nothing was going to get past them. At the end Hawks had to settle for a clean sheet in the second half with no goals scored by either side.

After match teas were enhanced by a serious bout of the ‘giggles’ (Charlotte and Billers!) and with Emily’s fabulous home-baked cookies as POM votes were cast. It was a true team performance with votes for pretty much all the team - the final tally saw joint POM status shared between Caroline, Emily and Jan!

Thanks to Charlie and Dave for keeping the game flowing and us all in check and to all our lovely supporters (young and old) for cheering us on.

Finally, a BIG thank you to all who have played for the L6s this season, it would not have been the same without any of you.

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