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Club Trophies

Club Trophies

Club Trophies

Each year the club awards trophies to individuals making outstanding contributions to the club, either as someone voted the best player in their team, or for contributions made off the pitch.

  • Trophies presented to individuals for this season

  • Gokal Motiram (for outstanding contribution to the Club)

    Andy Kaye

  • Carl Lockyer award (for social contribution)

    Drew Blackburn

  • Ladies' Club Player

    Chloe Kirby

  • Ladies' Young Player

    Libby Lawman

  • Ladies' Most Improved Player

    Lucille Heard

  • Men's Club Player

    Phil Hargraves

  • Mens' Young player

    Raoul Patel

  • Men's Most Improved Player

    Ollie Chadbone

  • Ladies Trophies

  • Ladies' 1s

    Sally Clark

  • Ladies' 2s

    Bex Oakes

  • Ladies' 3s

    Clare King

  • Ladies' 4s

    Emily Dawes

  • Ladies' 5s

    Holly Holmes

  • Ladies' 6s

    Becky Jennings

  • Ladies' 7s

    Helena Rickman

  • Men’s Trophies

  • Men's 1s

    Charlie Bowskill

  • Men's 2s

    Edgar Easterbrook

  • Men's 3s

    Jason Allen

  • Men's 4s

    Bertie Cook

  • Men's 5s

    Charlie Heaton

  • Men's 6s

    Richard Venables

  • Men's 7s

    Mason Randall-Cox

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