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L7s & 8s triumph at Thame

Season 2022-2023

L7s & 8s triumph at Thame

Published on 22nd Oct, 2022

The weather was cloudy in Thame today but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic match.  It was a friendly, so we had 15 players from the L7s and 8s. We started off strongly with a lot of possession in their D. After many attempts at goal, Hannah passed it to Lucy who slipped it into the goal in the first 15 minutes. Thame came back strongly after that with a few shots at goal, but they had no chance against our goalkeeper, Purdy.

During half time we talked about filling in the gaps in our defence and holding our shape up top.

In the second half both teams came back strongly, and we rose to the challenge. Thame stopped the ball on the back line with their foot resulting in a penalty flick for us. Lucy placed it brilliantly into the right corner. We had some great passing in the middle. In the last 10 minutes Emily ran the ball up the left line and slipped it past the goalie. Everyone played brilliantly and never gave up. What a great overall result. There were nominations for Player of the Match for Emilly Bessant and Phoebe, but the clear winner was Emily Dawes!!

The final result was a 3 - 0 victory to us.

Many thanks to Miles (Emily Bessant's friend) for taking the photos and to Camilla for writing this report.

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