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L7s & L8s in great game with Harlow

Season 2022-2023

L7s & L8s in great game with Harlow

Published on 29th Oct, 2022

Hawks Ladies 7s & 8s secured victory over Harlow with a 4-0 win at home. A bright, positive start saw the vast majority of play in the opposition half. The first goal was a powerful push-in by Hannah Jones in the first half. In the second half possession was retained by Hawks with three more goals, two by Camilla and a fourth by Hannah to top off an outstanding performance.

There were lots of nominations for Player of the Match: Hannah Jones, Huei, Camilla, Rebecca, and Phoebe.  However, Player of the match was Sophie who was excellent in defence and the inspiration behind much of the attacking play.

Many thanks to Will Smith and Jacqui Barlow for umpiring, Tim Dabbs for taking the photos and Purdy for playing in goal for the opposition (who otherwise would not have been able to make the fixture).  Thanks to Emmy for writing the report.

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