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Men’s 1s favourite versus Fareham

Season 2023-2024

Men’s 1s favourite versus Fareham

Published on 19th Mar, 2024

Men’s 1s played Fareham 1s in their match at Banbury Road North on St Patrick’s Day.  It was a fast-paced match and Hawks led with a goal in the first half from Luke Hooper.

Hawks increased their lead to 2 – 0 with a second goal from Jack Hobbs.  Fareham retaliated and got one back in the 69th minute.  The supporters were delighted when Fareham, despite many attempts, failed to equalise.  So the final score was 2 -1 to Hawks.

Hawks now lie second in the league table.  The last match of the season is a top of the table clash with University of Bristol at Bristol on Sunday 24th March.

Thanks to Clive Jones for the excellent photos.

Oxford Hawks

Oxford Hawks HC

Ben Pearce                                           GOALKEEPER

Edward Ellis                                           CAPTAIN

Raoul Patel

Andrew Appleton

Robert Dunnill

Oliver Lobo

Jack Hobbs                                            47’ Goal

Simon Hill

Bas Marshall

Charlie Bowskill

Joseph Conway

Samuel Dale

Luke Hooper                                         19’ Goal

Julian Laird

Leo Mould


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