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Ladies’ 8s finish the season with a win

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 8s finish the season with a win

Published on 18th Mar, 2023

We started strongly and said several unsuccessful attacks on goal, and then Huei scored in the first 5 minutes off a lovely pass from Helen Wright. Evelyn on goal made some cracking saves. After sustained pressure from all the forwards, Huei receive the ball and did a strong shot on goal. We were 2-0 up. Bicester came back strongly and it was soon 2-1 despite the brilliant effort by the defence.

During our half time, we talked about the amazing teamwork between the mids and inner, we also swapped the formation of the forward line with Liv and Huei swapping sides.

After half time, Bicester came back in force and scored a goal quickly, and then got another bringing the score to 2-2. With the backup of the mids and inners, Huei slipped the ball the Helen W who did a great strike at goal, bringing the score to 3-2. Bicester once again evened out the score before we were awarded a short corner and after being pushed out by Liv, Helen had a great hit into goal which was slipped in from the post by Liv, the score was 4-3. Despite the strong force of the defence and Evelyn in goal, Bicester managed to get another goal in from the post. With only a little bit of time to go, Huei ran the ball up the line and passed it across the Helen W who got it into goal. The match ended with a short corner to Bicester, but with the team effort of the defence and mids the ball was cleared out, ending the match with a score of 5-4. The whole team played exceptionally well and worked consistently together. The nominations for man of the match were: Kim, Evelyn, Helen and Huei, but the winner was Shan who had an excellent and skilful game.

Many thanks to the umpires Andy Kaye and Will Harrington.

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