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L6s lose out against Abingdon 1s

Season 2022-2023

L6s lose out against Abingdon 1s

Published on 18th Mar, 2023

As it was 1pm push back, everyone was well rested and awake ready to fight against Abingdon L1s. With them already having secured their promotion, there was nothing to lose, only to gain!

After a good training session on Wednesday full of positivity, we were ready to give this game a shot and celebrate every moment. Having Niv in goal to help us out was also a valuable addition.

As expected, Abingdon showed some strong play from the first whistle onwards. Regardless of our efforts, this paid off by their first goal within the first 10 minutes.  After a continuous fight for the ball, some nice 1:2s were established and great teamwork. Sadly, a second goal was made by Abingdon towards the end of the first half. An opportunity by Romy nearly made this 2-1, but sadly the ball slid of her stick. Some great transfers across all heights of the pitch allowed the ball to move quickly.

During half time we were reminded by Phil to keep pressure high and pass balls into the space on the corners. Furthermore, we were encouraged to play more on the right half and left forward part of the pitch.

During the second half, Abingdon showed their aggression again and pressure was on. This quickly showed in their third goal.

While Caitlin tied her shoelace up, Emily got the ball from the right hand side and as she looked up she was in the right spot to cross the ball to Karen on the P-Spot. Karen went in for an incredible strike. Sadly, this opportunity was saved by the goal keeper. While we hoped to get at least one goal in, the final score was a 3-0 loss.

With player of the match votes for Emily, Caitlin, Ella, Jan, Romy, Eva, Phil and Nynke our efforts showed off all across the pitch. Even the opposition complimented Phil and Jan for their excellent wide outletting. Ultimately, together with constantly stopping Abingdon from becoming too dangerous, Phil won the Player of the Match.

Thanks to our Umpires Charlie and Adrian and to Yas for her lemon drizzle ‘after match’ cake.

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