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Ladies’ 8s achievement away at Aylesbury

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 8s achievement away at Aylesbury

Published on 30th Jan, 2023

The Ladies 8s had a great start early into the game, with Liv scoring our first goal in the first few minutes. Especially as we were a player down at that stage!

Laura then turned up rather late into the first half. However, it was soon clear that the team was continuing to make a great attack, with a great run up by our inners and forwards and a lovely pass from Jess into the D led to our second goal secured by Liv.

After a good team chat about using space and making key players on the opposition, we headed into the second half.

Early into the second half Aylesbury scored a goal making the score 1-2. Hawks upped their attack and with a great pass from Liv to Jess at the top of the D. Jess was able to make a great hit on shot with goal which Laura then pushed in through the Keepers feet. (You can see this in the photo gallery.)

A great game all round and fantastic play from Aylesbury.

Nominations for player of the match included Hsu, Gill and Shan. However, our player of the match this week was Mia who saved countless goals making our score possible.

Many thanks to Simon Aumonier for the excellent photos.

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