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Ladies’ 6s lose out to Oxford

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 6s lose out to Oxford

Published on 30th Jan, 2023

All had looked so promising ahead of the 2nd away game of the weekend against Oxford 4s with 3 points from Saturday’s match already gained. However, by Saturday evening we were already down to just 13 due to Jess’s stick to the head forcing her to pull out of Sunday’s game - nothing, I’m sure, to do with the fact that she was down to be Sunday’s match reporter! Then Ella was no longer able to play and as we arrived at Brookes a message popped up to say that Cat was stuck with a flat tyre on A43 with at least an 1.5 hr wait for the recovery ruling her out from making it to Brookes to play any part of the game. Best made plans had left us with 11, throwing the subbing plan out the window!

I say 11 but in fact Yas was being held up by a very slow elderly driver so despite the start time being pushed back by 10 mins, the L6s started the game with only 10 on the pitch. Oxford started strongly but the 10 L6s were determined and the defence held firm with some quick passes out of defence to the waiting inners of Jill and Caitlin and into the attacking circle. Yas then appeared on the sideline, keen to know who she should sub on for, the cry from all Hawks players and the sideline umpire was no need to sub as you make our 11th player!

Back to a full complement of players Hawks were able to make some strong attacks into the Oxford D with Caitlin coming closest when her shot hit the post. At the other end Oxford was attacking in numbers but their shots were saved by a very diligent Purdy. However it was Oxford who managed to break the deadlock and trouble the scorers with 2 quick goals. Hawks were not to be denied and a cross from Milla saw Caitlin’s strike go past the Oxford keeper. 2-1 down at halftime with everything still to play for in the second half.

The game swung back and fro with both sides seeing chances come and be saved. Vocal encouragement was being given across the pitch but Hawks legs were beginning to tire while Oxford used the fresh legs of their subs to keep on the attack. Penalty corners awarded to Oxford but in Yas’s words, they are NOT scoring, which they didn’t. However as the clock was counting down the final 30secs of the game Oxford squeezed in their 3rd goal. We retired into the sport’s centre for ‘picnic teas’ and Linda’s tasty Lemon drizzle and fruit loaf. POM votes counted and top of the list  and our POM was Jill.

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