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Ladies’ 7s lose out to Abingdon 2s

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s lose out to Abingdon 2s

Published on 30th Sep, 2023

Ladies’ 7s were delighted to find that we had some substitutes this week.  This meant that we could rest our tired legs for a few minutes in each half.  Abingdon began strongly and took an early goal.  They continued in this vein and were 3 – 0 up at half time.

We had a much better second half.  Once the ball got into the Abingdon’s net but just after the umpire had blown for a penalty flick.  Unfortunately, their keeper manager to save it.  So, the score at full time was 7 – 0 to Abingdon 2s.

There were a wide range of nominations for player of the match:

  • Bella who had an excellent game at centre forward.
  • Jess who looked very dangerous when she did some great runs up the wing.
  • Kim who defended excellently and was up and back in the circle marking as needed.
  • Phoebe who played a tireless and skilful game.

However the winner overall was Evelyn who apologised for being “rusty” (she wasn’t).  She organised the defence effectively and kept clearing those shots.  Most people know her as a photographer and a keeper.  She was prepared to give up her photography to play for us this week.  Thank you, Evelyn

A big thank you to the umpires, Charlie Baggs and Kisten Dymond.  Thanks also to Tim Dabbs for taking the photos.

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