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Ladies’ 7s lose against Wychwood 2s

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s lose against Wychwood 2s

Published on 18th Nov, 2023

It was drizzling, as normal, when we assembled on the near pitch at Cokethorpe. We started with a Wychwood push-back and sadly they scored two early goals. The first goal they got through our first line of defence and slipped it to a player on the post who hit it onto the backboard. The next goal was ours and we pushed forward to create the perfect chance. Nina pushed it forward into the circle to a waiting Anoushka who slapped it into the goal and scored! However, Wychwood got their second goal straight after their pushback. They immediately retaliated with a strong shot on goal and it sadly went in. Before half time some of their teammates went at it on Helen and the umpire called them away to have a conversation.

After half time there were three goals. They scored first in the second half after our short corner that had no luck and they passed it up the pitch and scored. After this goal, we were in attack mode and put up some amazing opportunities that sadly failed. From one of these opportunities Helen scored, from a ball off one of their defenders. Helen bounced the ball in the air and into the backboard. Sadly that was the end of our scoring chances and we didn’t get any more. The last goal was a very lucky goal from Wychwood. One of their players ran into Evelyn, our goalkeeper, preventing her from stopping their goal. After Evelyn brought this to the umpires’ attention they conferred and decided it was a goal as they had not seen the interference happen. The final score was 4-2 but Hawks fought very hard and had an amazing match.

Everyone played very well and the evidence for this was the wide range of nominations for player of the match: Kim, Zoe, Gemma and Anoushka were all nominated.  The winner was Evelyn in goal who had a superb game and organised the defence beautifully!

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