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Ladies’ 7s/8s lose out to Wooton

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 7s/8s lose out to Wooton

Published on 17th Sep, 2023

It was another combined L7/8s squad for the first league game against Wootton Wanderers 2s at home.  We started with ten on the pitch as the eleventh player was stuck in traffic on the wrong side of Islip.

Wootton scored first but then we were delighted when Charlotte on the left post slotted one in for us.  So, the score at half time was 1-1.

Our eleventh player texted to say that she had spoken to her boyfriend, and he said North Oxford was gridlocked.  So, she turned around and went home.

Unfortunately, in the second half our tiredness began to show, and they got two more goals in quick succession and then a third one.  However, we won a short corner and Helen did a beautiful strike into the left corner of the goal.  So, the final score was 4 – 2 to Wootton.

When it came to Player of the Match there were votes for:

  • Gill, who moved tirelessly between RB and RH and read the game well, as usual.
  • Sophie D, who had a superb game, out of position as CH. She said she ran less in the second half, but she seemed to be all over the pitch and always where she was needed.
  • Gabby in goal for the first time for 10 months did some excellent clearances into space. Without her skills the score against us would have been much higher!
  • Charlotte, who was always in the right place and quick to take advantage of any weakness in their defence.
  • The inners: Naomi and Liv. Naomi was new to the team but quickly made her mark with beautiful skills and tenacity.  Liv (who was on nights and should have been asleep) had a superb game and was up attacking and then back defending all the time.

However, the winners were:

  • Helen with her usual positive attitude gave us lots of attacks on their D.
  • Sophie A who had a great game as left half, channelling the ball up the left to Charlotte.

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