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Ladies 6s play a game of two halves

Season 2022-2023

Ladies 6s play a game of two halves

Published on 13th Nov, 2022

What a contrast from last week. The sun was shining, and we had the luxury of two substitutes. It was Yas’s birthday, and everyone wanted to play some good hockey and win for her. Phil won the toss, a good start, and opted to play into the sun in the first half. Warmed up, lined up and off we went. One of my mother's favourite sayings is ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions ‘. We certainly set out with good intentions but despite those, and considerable effort we were 4-0 down at half time. We had a lesson in direct fast and strong hockey, and despite the best efforts of the defence and Linda in goal using all her equipment to keep them out we conceded some very good goals. It was not all Wootton however and we certainly didn’t get to hell. The team had worked their way back into the game at times during the half, so all was not lost, there was a second half of hockey to be played.

At half time a steadying team talk and encouragement to retain and regain with an emphasis on transferring to create space set the tone for the second half. We also had the advantage of the sun behind us.

And the team stepped up with Karen scoring an impressive goal at the start of the half and another chance taken by birthday girl Yas not allowed as the whistle had already gone for a short corner. Great effort from all concerned kept a tighter defensive middle and there were some impressive passing moves across all of the lines of play. Hawks were rightly pleased that they had kept a clean sheet in the second half.

So, a 4-1 defeat to a better team but some excellent hockey played and the commitment and desire to keep playing and trying to do the right thing most impressive. Votes for player of the match were spread out which showed the general level of good play. However, we are pleased that we will get double cakes next week as we travel to Thame as Ella and Calla shared the player of the match honours.

Many thanks to Susanne Hooper for taking the photos.

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