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Ladies’ 6s Glide to Victory on Home Ground

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 6s Glide to Victory on Home Ground

Published on 27th Nov, 2022

The morning wisps of white air were apparent as the vestiges of winter made itself known.

Hawks Ladies’ 6s took to the field for warm up, a team of 12 strong. A quick chat with the umpires and coin toss saw Bicester take pushback, but in the wise words of our captain, that would be the only advantage they would have today.

The first half was purposeful and swift with Hawks gaining their first goal, potted in by Kate after a quick pass from Linda. It was Polly's first appearance for the season; her initial words during warmup up of 'I'm unfit and haven't picked up a stick since summer' to set expectations will next time be taken with a pinch of salt. She struck the ball from the top D and popped in another from the right post. Hawks were up by 3.

The second half saw us lose some of our initial tenacity. Bicester got a goal and the opportunity for a penalty flick. Needless to say, it was saved with a flair that only Purdy has. For a lot of the time, the ball did the work, the players making use of transference round the back. Our inners chased with dogged determination and the team used the length with passes down the side.

Player of the Match went to Nynke after a spectacular final reverse-stick goal which saw the ball catch the net.

A successful match all round topped off with a slice of Caroline's chocolate and banana cake. Perfect way to end the morning.

Thanks to Charlie Baggs and Dave Wells for keeping the game in check.

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