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Ladies’ 5s continue their hunt for goals

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 5s continue their hunt for goals

Published on 22nd Mar, 2023

The ladies 5s took on South Berks 2s late Wednesday evening. This was a rearranged game.

Despite Hawks keeping the energy high and putting pressure on the opposition, through the first half they won several short corners and we were 3-0 down at half time.  Although a shout out to Purdy for a fantastic save against a penalty flick!

After a half-time talk from Kim, we went back out fighting.  Having shifted our press positions, combined with some strong defence, they struggled to get through us.  Instead, we were making great leads, and passing the ball out wide allowing our inners and forwards to have some fab runs towards the D - even with Carys’ best attempts at playing football instead.  Unfortunately, we were unable to convert any of our attacks to goals, and the final score was 4-0 as South Berks scored in the final few minutes.

With everyone giving their all there were lots of players nominated for POM but it deservedly went to Purdy for numerous great saves, with Libby a close second for her lovely runs.

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