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Ladies’ 4s make a good start to the season

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 4s make a good start to the season

Published on 20th Sep, 2022

On a sunny Saturday morning, Hawks L4s assembled to play Oxford 3s. We started strongly with a good ball pace and confident passing between each other. Whenever we lost the ball due to a misplaced pass, the whole team worked back to recover and slow down the forwards. Our defence continued to outlet the ball wide and held off Oxford efficiently.  After some breaks down the right wing and getting stuck in the bottom right corner, Oxford took a quick turnover and raced down the pitch. They took a shot but Tehya made an excellent save and kicked the ball out to the right. Rihanna passed the ball in triangles around the Oxford defence with Flick and the ball made its way up the pitch. A quick pass to Nele and then Rebecca waiting on the baseline got around all the defenders. Rebecca hit the ball across the D and Karen ran and on the first touch slapped the ball into the goal!  We remained composed and held our ground for the rest of the first half, with excellent defending and some speedy through balls to our forwards and no score by Oxford.

After a team talk and some jelly babies, we were back for the second half. With our energy lacking slightly, we still passed around Oxford well and had excellent patience in our transfers between Becky, Jess and the half backs. We gave away several short corners, but Oxford didn’t score on any of them and the ball was cleared well by our defence, with some more fast paced balls going through to our forwards from the midfield. Our second goal came from our second short corner; Rebecca took a straight strike from the top of the D and their keeper cleared it out to Kim, who from a very narrow angle scored by placing the ball behind the keeper.

We felt positive for the rest of the match, with composed play through the whole pitch. The final score was 2-0 and although it was a friendly, it was a good start to the season. Player of the match was Tehya for her consistent and incredible saves throughout the match.

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