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L8s in good win at Milton Keynes

Season 2022-2023

L8s in good win at Milton Keynes

Published on 16th Jan, 2023

Ladies 8s started off strongly with lots of great attacking, with Ros and Molly using the width of the pitch to run the ball up to the forwards and into the D. Within the first 10 minutes our first goal was scored by Hannah who struck the ball in from the post, this caused Milton Keynes to come back more strongly with their attack leading them to also score a goal in the first half.

By half time both Milton Keynes and Ladies 8s were leading strong attacks and we were 1-1 when we broke for half time. After a good team discussion about using the width, fixing the gap between our half backs & inners and being smart about our passing we were all ready for action for the second half.

After more great play our second goal was scored by Oling who did a great strike from the near the top of the D set up by Molly and Liv.

Milton Keynes were goal-hungry and ended up getting four short corners in a row with minutes to spare. Three of the four were onto Eleanor’s feet.  When asked if she wanted to hobble off, she said not (we had no subs) and she was just glad the ball had not gone in the goal!  All four were saved by our fantastic defence and goalkeeper Niv, leaving the score 2-1 to ladies 8s by the end of the match.

Nominations for player of the match included Gill, Laura and Oling but our joint players of the match this week were Phoebe and Eleanor who had a fantastic game.

Thanks to Simon Aumonier for taking the great photos.

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