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L8s easily beat Milton Keynes

Season 2022-2023

L8s easily beat Milton Keynes

Published on 01st Oct, 2022

It was sunny and we were ready for our second match back. Within 6 mins Hannah did a lovely slap into the goal.

Shortly after we received a short corner but sadly, we narrowly missed getting it into the goal. 15 mins in we got another goal by Ella. Straight away Hawks got possession again and received a short corner which resulted in Susanne getting the ball and passing to Ella who was in the perfect position to get the goal.

Half time came, we talked about transferring down the left side, Niv made a good point about keeping contact in the D and Sal mentioned posting up.

Second half MK came back fighting and quickly got a goal. We got back possession into our half and after some nice play between Hannah and Liv, Liv took the ball into the D and passed to Laura who was in the perfect position to nudge the ball into the goal.

MK then managed to get a goal off of a short corner.  So, the final score was 4 – 2.

The match was well played by both teams, and we would like to thank Ella and Sallyan who stayed after their match to play this one as well, and also to Emily for taking the pictures.

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