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L2s hit Henley for six

Season 2022-2023

L2s hit Henley for six

Published on 03rd Oct, 2022

The 2s started early on Saturday morning ready to play a good match of hockey and hopefully get a successful result against Henley. After a strong warm up everyone was raring to go (despite Bex managing to forget her stick).

After solid passing connections between players, Katie gave a great ball to Catherine who passed it onto Wato who slipped it into the goal. After the first goal the 2s started to gain momentum with Katie again passing the ball down the left for Sandra to do an amazing reverse hit into the net to give the 2s their second goal of the match. The goals kept coming after this with Sandra scoring another goal in the net and scoring another one shortly after to gain herself a hattrick and to set the score at 4-0 at half time.

After an informative chat from Wilko and a few small people pitch invasions, the team were ready to go. Shortly after the start of the second half the 2s scored a short corner with a hit from Chloe which Odders tapped into the goal. Due to more good connections and maintaining possession of the ball, the ball was passed to Katherine who finished the score at 6-0 with a goal between the goal keeper’s legs.

The POM was Sandra due to the great work she did in the D and her 3 goals and DOD was Alicia for the umpire mistaking Bex for Alicia for a green card.  This despite Henri, who was DOD last week, not actually baking her cakes. Overall, it was a promising match from the 2s which hopefully will continue as they go into the season ahead.

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