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“Second half” L6s in close game v Thame

Season 2022-2023

“Second half” L6s in close game v Thame

Published on 20th Nov, 2022

It might have been cold and the sun was setting but Hawks’ spirits were high.
We went into the game with enthusiasm and desire to make the first half count.
Although we played a better first half than last week, we still took a while to warm to each other and break through Thame’s tight press.

Hawks played a largely defensive first half and, while the pressure from midfield all the way back was strong and held off any goals, we struggled to clear the ball beyond the 25. Despite some super saves by Linda, Thame eventually managed to get 1-0 up towards the end of the first half. They then won a succession of short corners. Although these were defended strongly by Hawks, Thame finally scored another off of a rebound.

2-0 down, but by no means outmatched, we discussed 3 key tactics at half time:
passing the ball on more quickly, posting up and stretching the pitch.

In L6’s style, we came back hungrier in the second half. Thame kept us on our toes, but we really began to threaten their goal. After a few chances at goal without success, we got back into Thame’s D. The ball was cleared, but Caroline, beautifully positioned on the edge on the D, sent it straight back in to Jess who put it in the back of the goal.

Thame managed to score a third goal but our passing on free hits had improved, particularly in long corners, and we had several more attempts at goal with two very narrow misses on the posts.
Yas bravely stepped up for a penalty flick, but this was unfortunately saved by the Thame keeper. We were playing the better half and wanted a goal. Then, we won a short and Linda brought the score up to 2-3 with a clean strike.

While we would have benefitted from more movement in 16s, the work rate of every player was commendable and with an extra 15 minutes Hawks may very well have taken the game, but sadly the victory went to Thame on this occasion. Hopefully we will bring our second half play from push back next week!

There were, quite rightly, lots of candidates for POM, but the winner this week was Caroline who had a brilliant game with consistently strong defence, interceptions and excellent support play.

Well done, ladies!

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