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Ladies’ 7s draw with Thame 3s

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 7s draw with Thame 3s

Published on 05th Nov, 2022

Push back was at 13:40 with both teams testing each other’s defence. After 5 minutes, a good move down the right-hand side resulted in a free hit and shot on goal. Unfortunately, this was met by Thame’s goalkeeper. Following a period of sustained pressure, a 1v1 was gained against the goalkeeper, but they were quickly out and cleared the ball. Good defending saw an attack by Thame cleared, however a later attack resulted in a penalty corner. This was well defended but a second penalty corner was awarded, which Bella cleared well into Thame’s half. The middle of the first half was mainly dominated by Thame but a strong defence ensured no threats to goal. A rare mid half attack resulted in a penalty corner, but the injection was well cleared. The subsequent quick break down the side by Thames saw the ball pulled across the goal fortunately no oncoming Thame player was able to get on the ball and it drifted out of play. Sustained pressure ensued, seeing another shot deflected wide, with a penalty corner awarded from the subsequent free hit that fortunately came to nothing.

The second half started with a deliberate push out by Thame which gave a penalty corner. A good inject but two touches by receiver allowed the first runner to close down the space and the shot went wide. As the game wore on it became more open with lots of space to move into, thus another attack followed resulting in a penalty corner. However, the shot went wide and a quick move by Thame upon the restart saw the defence exposed to a 2v1. Fortunately, the pull across goal was not met by an oncoming Thame player. A well worked move through the centre gave the final penalty corner of the match; this was well defended but another penalty corner was awarded, and the subsequent shot was just wide. Following a free hit down the right-hand side, the ball was pulled across Thame’s goal, unfortunately no player could get there in time to redirect the ball into the goal. The game ended in a draw but was keenly fought by evenly matched teams and the result could have gone either way.

Nominations for player of the match include Shan, Sophie and Ester but the overall winner was Bella. Thank you to both umpires who with a well-managed game allowed it to flow. Thank you also to Daisy for writing the match report.

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