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Ladies’ 6s lost 0-3 at Aylesbury

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 6s lost 0-3 at Aylesbury

Published on 28th Oct, 2023

Hawks 6s warmed up on a sunny Aylesbury pitch ready for our game after a week off. With Coach Martin on the side line offering strong support and encouragement, we were ready to go.

With a quick change of shirts from one white set to another and we were ready to start. First push back saw Cat attacking forward with Hannah on right wing but Aylesbury quickly intercepting and breaking down play. Aylesbury scored in the first 10 minutes, off a short corner. But we kept our heads and played a solid second quarter. Hawks won a short corner which Linda taking the first shot and a follow up reverse shot. Aylesbury returned their attack, but Jan made an excellent in air stop of the ball with one hand on her stick to prevent the play dropping behind our last defender.

With 0-1 at half time. We focused on our positives, keeping on our players and holding our structure. Aylesbury won multiple short corners in a row, but only gaining goal success after 4 from Linda’s strong and consistent defence.

The second half saw Coach Martin get a warning from the umpire for reacting to a decision too loudly.

We had lots of play over the right side with connections between Yas, Mon, Jess, Sophie and Cat and strong out letting from Jan, Becky and Phil at the back up to Emmy and Linda on the forward line. Charlotte and Pheobe creating space on the wings facilitated beautiful transfers, but Hawks struggled to take chances in the D. A strong W marking in the second half saw Caitlin’s interception on Aylesbury hit outs to give Hannah a shot on goal, which went wide. Aylesbury’s last goal in the last 10 minutes placed them at 0-3.

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