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Ladies’ 6s draw with Witney

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 6s draw with Witney

Published on 26th Feb, 2023

After a week off for half-term, the Ladies 6s were rested and ready to go on Saturday morning. Some competitive edge was added to the pre-match team chat with one of our players, Karen, having previously played for the opposition and with Witney 3s only two points ahead in the league.

The match got off to a fast-paced start, with some breakaway runs down the pitch from both sides. Early on, Hawks had some excellent shots on goal that they were unfortunate not to get past the Witney keeper. Despite a strong defensive effort from Hawks, a Witney break down the pitch saw them secure their first goal. Whilst Hawks then secured our first and only short corner of the game, we were unfortunate not to score. A second Witney goal followed to bring the half-time score to 2-0 to Witney.

At half-time, captain Phil reminded the team that we always have a better second half and, fuelled by Haribos, we discussed not going in for a tackle too quickly, more efficiently moving the ball on to free players in space and taking the shot if we’re in the D.

Determined to get some points on the board, the second half saw Hawks putting the pressure on the opposition from the first whistle. Ella and Nynke made some fantastic tackles in the middle of the pitch, passing it on to Karen, Milla and Cat who made some fantastic runs down the sidelines. Hawks were quickly rewarded with a ball sent from Jill to Karen on the baseline being crossed in to Milla. Taking on the goalie, she managed to knock it in to the back of the net. Hawks were back in the game and everything was still to play for.

Naturally, Witney were unwilling to go down without a fight and began to up the pressure. They were held off due to some excellent defensive play, with Jan and Caroline being quick to get the tackle in and slip the ball back out to Bernie and Calla. Of course, a few excellent saves from Billers also helped!

Having scored one goal, Milla wanted back for more. Seizing the opportunity, she deflected a ball in (at an extremely difficult angle!) from Nynke. Hawks were back in the game with a score of 2 all.

Despite some very ambitious runs down the pitch from Karen (which sadly didn’t result in a short corner despite her best efforts with the umpires), the game ended as a draw.

Hawks were willing to take the point and headed into the clubhouse to enjoy some lasagne. Whilst many players wanted to vote Cat for player of the match again this week given the quality of her chocolate cake, Milla very easily secured the title this week following her two goals. The pressure is on to match Cat’s baking skills!

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