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Ladies’ 5s battle for points against Banbury 2s

Season 2022-2023

Ladies’ 5s battle for points against Banbury 2s

Published on 31st Jan, 2023

For a change of scenery, Ladies’ 5s met at St. Edwards for a home match against Banbury 2's.

We did a fab warm up involving a short game of possession, inspired by training. Susan was very pleased with herself for bringing bibs along from training for our warmup, except they weren't much use as they were the same colour as our shirts.

We started well focussing on possession but halfway through the first half we still managed to concede a goal from a Banbury short corner But, we kept our heads up and did not let any more goals in!!

With some feedback from Kim in the half time break, we managed to go back on and score a goal in the first 10 minutes, courtesy of Sherene in her new position as inner. However, the Ladies’ 5s did take on a couple of injuries including a ball to Lydia's knee and a very nasty ball to Monica's cheek, resulting in it swelling up massively and another L5s’ visit to A&E- our  last match against them ended up with Susan having 8 stitches.

At the end of the second half, we had to play very defensively, but everyone stepped up and no goals were let in. Thanks to Purdy for some amazing saves, as well as this Jane had an exceptionally good game and got POM.

Everyone played well and we deservedly got a point!!!!!!

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