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Ladies’ 4s win 4 – 1 against Uni

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 4s win 4 – 1 against Uni

Published on 21st Oct, 2023

After all the rain, we were glad to be playing on a dry but cloudy day. Despite having a few of our regular team members away, we started strongly. We had some great attacking play with fantastic runs by Emily down the line.  We displayed some excellent triangle formations making use of the space available.  Within 15 minutes, we were 2 nil up. Both goals were set up by Sherene who passed to Kim on left post. Kim successfully scored both times. The third goal was a break away from Masha who made a brilliant pass to Sherene.  Sherene was then able to score. Oxford had some good attempts off short corners but couldn’t get through our defence. Chloe scored the 4th goal with an assist from Apples.  4 nil at half time, what a result.

In the second half, the university came back stronger which resulted in their first goal. We didn’t play quite as well, however a couple of short corners nearly resulted in a goal - shame there was a rebound off the post!

End score was 4-1 and MOM was joint Sherene and Kim.  Well played everyone!

A big thank you to the umpires, Jacqui Barlow and Mike Monaghan.

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