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Ladies’ 2s beaten by Bournemouth

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 2s beaten by Bournemouth

Published on 12th Mar, 2024


Some moments from the match.  Thanks to Clive Jones for these..


And Trin saving a penalty flick.

The Ladies’ 2s started strong with some strong possession at the back and some lovely passes through from Bex, however Hawks didn’t quite manage to finish and with some high pressing from Bournemouth they won and short corner and slotted it bottom left.

The match continued with chances missed for both Hawks and Bournemouth. The game turned into a high turnover play in the middle of the pitch as both teams applied pressure. The half time whistle blew with Bournemouth leading by one.

Hawks came back in fighting winning a short corner early on, however with some quick defence Bournemouth cleared the ball. The pressure then flipped as Bournemouth sent some counterattacking 1v1s and 2v1s down Hawks end, the solid backline didn’t crumble and fought back preventing any conceding. Bournemouth’s pressure didn’t go unrewarded though and with a flick awarded they attempted to make the lead 2-0, however Trin made the dive bottom right and spoilt Bournemouth’s chances. The flick reward was a wakeup call to Hawks and the team began building some attacking play with some lovely high transfers and strong leading movement from the upfront, but time wasn’t on their side and the match finished with a score of 1-0 to Bournemouth.

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