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Ladies’ 2s success at Sonning

Season 2023-2024

Ladies’ 2s success at Sonning

Published on 16th Oct, 2023

The Ladies 2s were keen to continue their winning ways against Sonning, and thankfully they did. Wilkos team talk focussed on the need for patience (yes, we did hear that part, over Ella’s unnecessarily high-volumed You Tube trash)(sorry Wilko) and the team did indeed display good patience, as Sonning sat back and let the 2s defence pass around at their leisure. The 2s dominated possession but some of the better early chances in fact fell to Sonning, who were denied by some top class saves from the mighty Trin. The 2s had some good chances of their own but were denied by the keeper at the other end too, and they went into the break at 0-0.

The second half was a different affair, with the 2s dominating possession. And Trin might not have even touched the ball? (Not totally sure of that fact though). Odders was causing havoc for the Sonning defence, with her silky skills getting a lot of corners - very deserving of her MOM award. From one of the corners the 2s took the lead, with slick routine finished off by Caro Harris. Abbie Brant almost made it two moments later with a diving effort to intercept a risky transfer by the Sonning defence, but her effort went just wide. A few more attacking corners came and went, but Sonning defended exceptionally well - and the clock ran down to give the 2s 12 points from 12 going into the half term break.

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