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L6s play well but failed to score

Season 2022-2023

L6s play well but failed to score

Published on 08th Jan, 2023

The game started in pouring rain but with great enthusiasm after a long break. We had many goal opportunities which unfortunately we couldn’t convert. A quick breakaway goal by Aylesbury from a short corner play just before halftime was unfortunate as it had been a close game. A productive team talk in halftime and some great input by Bernie, gave us more possession, more chances and more short corners in the second half and it was just unfortunate that we couldn’t convert. POM votes saw joint winners in Nynke and Jill. It was then into the clubhouse where we all enjoyed Jan’s veggie Dahl!

Thanks to our umpires Charlie and Jacs, to Bernie for managing our sub and to Susanne for once again coming prepared to help if needed!

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