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Season 2022-2023


Published on 07th Feb, 2023

It was a shaky start for Hawks but as time on the clock continued to pass, Hawks began to outwit Tring by demonstrating clever and accurate passages of play towards the attacking 'D'. Unfortunately, Hawks players were unable to convert any of these opportunities in the first half. Even though we were unable to convert these opportunities into goals, we were able to apply the pressure to Tring players, showing that we can outperform them. First half finished Hawks 0 - 1 Tring.

After an inspiring 'pep' talk from the Hawks players, it was time to get the second half off to a positive start! Tring were able to get onto the scoresheet first in the second half. We continued to press and pressure Tring, which led us to receive the opportunity at scoring on a short corner. Jess provided a slick push out to Linda at the top of the circle who had a shot on goal, unfortunately, the goalkeeper saved it but it was gratefully placed near Karen's stick who was able to put the ball in the goal! Tring fought back and got back on the scoreboard again.....but no need to panic as Nynke was able to close the gap with an outstanding penalty flick (even after all of Tring's GKs 'dance moves'). Final score Hawks 2 - Tring 3.

POM was Linda B!

Thanks to our umpires Charlie and Mike and to Sophie for helping to manage the timing for our 5 subs!

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