For the new season 2024/25, availability and team lists for matches will be in Teamo. If you are not in Teamo, please register now.

How to register for Teamo

Season 2022-2023

How to register for Teamo

Published on 12th Jul, 2022

See FAQs at bottom of page.

Teamo Registration Guide


  1. What the benefits of moving to Teamo?
    The communication in Teamo is excellent.  Parents are automatically copied on messages to children.  Data Protection has been built into the sytem.  It is very easy for players to update their availability.  We will not be taking payments through Teamo.
  2. Why can't I see fixtures in Teamo or here?
    League fixtures are a little late coming out this season.  We hope to have them in Teamo and here by mid-August 2022.
  3. I don't have a smart phone.  Can I still use Teamo?
    Yes, there is a web version of Teamo.  You can login with your email address. Let us know if it is not clear how to set this up.
  4. My grandparents like to come and watch.  How do supporters get to see the fixtures?
    The fixtures will be on the Fixtures page in the News & Events Menu.
  5. Will the fixtures for my team be on the Team page as before?
    We hope so, but we need some help from Teamo on this.
  6. I was down as a non-playing parent last year.  How do I link myself to a team, please?
    Players indicate which team they belong to at registration.  However, that is just a guide for captains.  They will decide at the beginning of the season who is in which teams.  Now that we are including adult players as well as juniors, we need to check that everyone is included.  Let us know,  if you are not linked to any team and would like to play.
  7. Will I just be linked to one team?
    No, you may be linked to more than one team.  So, you can give your availability for both.
  8. I want to indicate my preferred position on the pitch.  Where do I do that, please?
    Go to your profile, click on the > on the right of your name and the edit button is in the top right corner.
  9. Who should I contact if I have problems with Teamo?
    Deborah Evelyn and Phil WIlliams will help the adults.  Yas and Drew continue to be the contacts for juniors. You can use Teamo chat for this.  See Contact Us if you prefer other methods of contact.

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